I’m trying to pin down what I am making. Trying to find a specific area to focus on that underpins the direction my work is taking.

Giles Deleuze wrote that ‘Each process of actualisation is surrounded by a constantly thickening fog of virtual possibilities” I am currently wading through the fog.

So Far-
I make stylised (my own aesthetic look/feel) digital images from my own photography that have a dystopian quality. I manipulate these images, using duplication and enhancing colour. The images are printed as photographs or canvas and paint is applied to the surface, not entirely covering the surface but in a patterned way. The paint is applied to these prints like an instagram filter, it’s function to enhance the image in some way.
The digitally printed area of the image will fade rapidly in relation to the painted surface (could highlight the impermanence of technology). What is left behind as the digital image fades is a stylised(fake) copy of traces of the digital. The content, somewhat pessimistic or dystopian becomes abstract into a pattern, points or constellations of saturated colour.

On the canvas I am considering applying the paint within geometric shapes that imply infinitude (octagon, rhombus, circle) I’m still looking into this to see if it deters or highlights the context of the works.
The photographic images already adhere to geometric shapes. It is an aesthetic choice to use these shapes but has much historical symbology to unpack(Leonardo was a big fan of the octagon)

Technology is not going anywhere, it will evolve but the technology used today will be left behind in traces of real objects. In a post human…. hmmm

Aesthetic choices play a huge role in the way that I am working - my starting point - the content seems secondary, almost in the same way I flick through hundreds of images and only a handful jump out at me for some aesthetic quality that intrigues me. Am I looking to attach depth to the depthless?, will it always be superimposed onto the depthless never to stick for lack of a better word? I’m making objects - art objects on canvas or photo paper that will become commodified so many questions…

A few things i’m looking at to inform this work:
Frederick Jameson - Aesthetics of Singularity/ the waning effect

Baudrillard - simulacrum

Florian Cramer - ‘What is Post Digital’ “The term ‘post-digital’ can be used to describe temporary disenchantment with digital information systems and media gadgets, or a period in which our fascination with these systems or gadgets has become historical.”


Pluralism in Aesthetics today - can’t remember reference offhand

Graham Harman - nonrelational aesthetics UGH hurts the head a bit but struggling through this. He’s written The quadruple object hmmmm a pause before I dive into that.